SHORT MOTORSPORT has begun its activities back in 2011, and ever since we have been acknowledge as a strong company in the market of competition car’s components. Up until now our way has been paved thankfully to our capabilities towards our innovatives proposals, concerning both, technical development and sales.


SHORT MOTORSPORT is a branch from FABIO TACCARI DESIGN, a company that has more than 25 years of experience in the field of design, which in all this years has attended several market segments. It is worth mentioning that amongst our accomplishments there is one we are very proud of, that is the series of motor sport vehicles named SHORT.


Our main concern as a business is the constant seek of technical ways to develop new, innovative and good quality products, either creating it to be easier to install or making it for higher performance, for inside our out of the track.


Our pursue for the new is endless, and developing new products is our daily routine.


As it has been stated, and for the record, we have developed the first racing car window in which the air inlet, also known as NACA, is completely integrated to the window’s surface, it means no screws used; we have created a one piece window and air inlet (NACA), that has decreased the aerodynamic drag significantly.


Our line of air inlets, a.k.a NACA STK, merge important innovations such as: a round shaped leading edge which frames the NACA making it even to the window’s surface, by this design we have been able to increase the airflow through it’s outlet duct, which has it’s end surrounded by an anodized aeronautical alloy ring, what enables the duct to be firmly attached to a 2,5 inches hose.


Our line of windshields and bubble windscreens for motorcycles has been developed aiming for maximum quality, performance and ease installation. We just work under the utmost safety protocols within an optimized production process, this enable us to offer just the most perfected products with an outstanding cost-benefit ratio.


Recently we have released a brand new line of motorcycle windshields, so called City Wind. They are the one and only totally made of POLYCARBONATE manufactured in Brazil, being 5 mm thick. Despite the fact that this polymer is extremely hard to mold, we have faced this challenge in a remarkable and successful way, and this can be proven by the product itself.  


Our shop is equipped with a wind tunnel, CNC machines and all sort of machinery exclusively set to develop new projects and improve our products.


Our business is innovation. DESIGNED FOR SPEED.