Like the air GT this AP GT has drilled 288mm plate brakes in It's 4 wheels and AUDI brake pads in the front wheel, and in the rear wheels we have OMEGA plates and KADET brake pads.

This car's rear suspension has a double lower control arm, so to control pressure and height.

It's engine is TURBO AP 1.8, with Garret turbine triggered by 1,2kg. This car has four radiators, two oil ones in the front and two water ones in the back.

t has 220 HP, going from 0 to 180Km/h in 19 seconds, and 225km/h is the car's top speed.

This car's fuel tank is made of aluminium and is exactly placed on It's gravity center. The fuel tank is tightly screwed to the cabin's rear fire blocking wall.

There is some footage of this car in this website, just look for the name MEGA SPACE in our video section.